Chris and Joe here — AKA the two behind Combo Break.

We chose this name thanks to our fans; they really chose a name that spoke to our age and attitude as ’80s babies working in tandem. With Combo Break, we want nothing more than to shine a little perversion onto otherwise wholesome ideas.

Get to know these star-crossed brothers who decided to join forces, offering their creative services as a powerful combination of skill and taste.


Chris Bivins

Illustrator, animator and best hugger

Chris Bivins is a tenured game designer by day and feature film storyboard artist by moonlight. He's worked on James Gunn's The Belko Experiment and Chappaquiddick and his clients include Universal Studios, CBS, AMC and Viacom.

Chris is a kind soul that gives great hugs and even greater drawings. He also happens to how at the moon and drink a lot of thick, red wine. “Is that blood?” Joe sometimes asks. He's always met with a gruesome snarl and handed another drawing to ink.

Classic Chris.


Joseph "Joe" Karg

Inker, colorist and second best hugger

Joe Karg is an accomplished illustrator that specializes in the art of album covers, show posters and animated background illustrations. He most notably worked on the Emmy award-winning show, Archer, for FX, and in 2016, he was voted Creative Loafing's Best Illustrator of Atlanta. His clients include AMC, Judd Apatow Productions and Viacom.

Since 2016, Joe focused his entire soul into inking and coloring Chris Bivins' drawings. All of his inking is done on paper, and he screams like a wild beast while making his marks. Claw carvings can be found on the inside of his office door, and it's said that every drop of his blood was replaced with pure, black India ink.